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Dying Light 2

This game is one of my most anticipated
2020 games we know the game was delayed at the end of this year so i
thought I would write about what we know about the game (so far).

The game is created by Techland and is
published by Techland and Square Enix.

So for anyone who doesn’t know how to die
light 2. Dying Light 2 is an upcoming zombie, survival, role-playing game. the
is the sequel to the Dying 2015 light show.

What we know.

Dying light 2 is an open world game with
great importance for choice, i got it by watching the first gameplay trailer.
There will be a lot of side quests in the game. The game graphics look like
much better than the previous game. There seem to be more new enemies and weapons
types of what I saw in the gameplay trailer. The main protagonist Aiden Caldwell seems
be affected by the virus but is controlled by a mechanical bracelet.

The game takes place 15 years after the
original game. The game is 4x larger than the original game card. Parkour
in the game has significantly improved the sense of the original game by adding new skills like climbing
ledges, sliding, jumping from edges and running wall. Aiden will also
grappling a paraglider and an infrared light to help him cross the city.

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